Wool Carpets

Wool CarpetsWool is without question the best material for the manufacturing of carpets. It is natural, sustainable, has superb insulating properties, dyes easily, and keeps its appearance wonderfully. For many years it has been recognised that the inclusion of a small proportion of nylon into the wool yarn prior to the manufacturing process gives the wool a stronger property. For this reason it has become standard practice to create the finest carpets with a blend of eighty percent wool and twenty percent nylon, commonly referred to as an 80/20 mix.

Quality carpets are generally graded in terms of weight. We find carpets described as 40 ounce, 50 ounce, 60 ounce and so on. This is a description or a general indication of the amount of wool/nylon content in weight per square yard.

However, sometimes a 50 oz carpet may be more durable than a 60 oz from a different manufacturer. The reason for this is because the 60 oz may have a longer pile than the 50 oz and therefore more weight, while the 50 oz could have a shorter pile length but may be of a much tighter construction than the 60 oz. We advise our customers to look for and feel for a density in carpets rather than simply relying on weight descriptions. Therefore, we believe it is the density of the pile, or the amount of tufts per square inch (to use an old imperial term) that will deter the breaking or distortion of carpet pile, and help retain the appearance of your new quality carpet.

We can supply all of the major reputable and established carpet brands, most of which we have on display in our showroom at Morpeth.