Wood and Laminate

Wood Laminate FlooringMichael Metcalf Carpets has teamed up with two of the finest manufacturers of engineered wood products; Woodpecker and Haro, to offer our customers the ultimate in beautifully crafted timber floors. Natural wood floors generally come in two different configurations, these being known as solid wood planks and engineered planks.

Solid wood has been popular in Britain for a number of years but has demonstrated a tendency to expand and contract with variations of temperature and humidity throughout our seasonal cycles and even through night and day. This has produced the tendency for this floor to part in places over time, leaving gaps in between the planks which seldom expand back.

As a solution, it has been found to be advantageous to produce a slightly thinner plank, and then permanently factory adhere this to a substantial base of rigid plywood. The result of this process is known as engineered wood. This product has been found to be ten times more dimensionally stable than solid wood, and the addition of the quality and robust plywood base allows for easier and interlocking installation. The result is that any expansion or contraction that does occur is experienced over the entire floor, rather than between individual planks.

Haro is a German company that offers a 30 year guarantee with its superb floors. It is the third largest manufacturer of engineered wood in the world, and the largest manufacturer in the world of this flooring on a single site.

Woodpecker, also known as Kenton Floors, is a third generation family owned business who have been involved in the timber industry for a quarter of a century. With state of the art factories now in thirteen countries around the globe, their motto is ‘The best is only just good enough,’ and their 25 year warranty is your guarantee of satisfaction.

At Michael Metcalf Carpets we also stock a fine selection of budget and quality laminates. All of our wood and laminate floors are on display at our Glebe Road, Bedlington showroom.