Without the support of a suitable underlay, a domestic carpet will wear and also deteriorate in appearance quickly. As well as providing support and cushion for your carpet, underlays supply a feeling of soft underfoot luxury, while also increasing the thermal insulation and soundproofing of your home.

For many years rubber was the primary material used in underlay construction, but new technology has developed with the result that polyurethane foam is now the product of choice. This is the same foam that we sit on in our chairs and sofas but a much more high density version. It has the property of always springing back to shape, making it an ideal choice for underlay. We have three different qualities, ranging from budget to ultimate luxury.

We also stock a traditional wool and crumb rubber combination underlay which is superb for solid or cold floors as it has excellent insulating properties and is 12mm thick. This underlay is very soft underfoot, while the polyurethane underlays are very springy. Specialist underlay is also available for underfloor heating. Our carpet estimator will be happy to advise on the best product for your home.