Striped and Loop Pile Carpets

Striped Loop Pile CarpetStriped carpets have become extremely fashionable, particularly to hall stairs and landing areas where they can add a striking and prominent addition of colour and design to any residence. Vibrant, bold and contemporary; they will open the eyes and senses of any visitor to your home.

Many of these linear designs are manufactured with the loop pile rather than the cut pile technology. Well made loop pile carpets are rugged and tough and will withstand heavy traffic, usually being less prone to pile distortion than their cut pile or tufted cousins. The use of an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar rather than a suction vacuum cleaner is recommended.

Several loop pile and striped carpets are constructed in polypropylene, rather than wool or a wool mix, with the result that one can even have this stunning and colourful carpet on a budget.

Also, at our showroom in Morpeth, we have a superb quality range of Telenzo loop pile carpets which are produced in Holland. They are scotchgarded, mothproofed, manufactured from 100% new wool, and guaranteed against pilling, pile reversal and shading.

Hugh Mackay, Telenzo, Gaskell, Tomkinson and Manx and are but a few of the manufacturers of loop piles that we have on display.